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Your Birth Story SA

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Welcome to my special place. The place where I will share with you the absolute magic that is BIRTH and my experiences while capturing these amazing birth stories.

I never really had any intention of becoming a birth photographer. It never crossed my path in the form of a request or an interest. Until one day. When it became both those things. A couple asked me if I was registered to do births and up to that point didn't even know that I could be registered somewhere as a birth photographer. I told them that I'll look into it.

And that set in motion a beautiful journey that saw me registering as an official birth photographer with the South African Birth Photographers' Association.

I passed my exam and received my registration number. Sadly, what followed, saw me being unable to shoot the birth of the couple that got me onto this path in the first place, as result of the Corona Virus Pandemic of 2020. They had a hospital birth and at the time of their procedure, I was not allowed into hospitals yet and had to cancel.

This lead me to pursue other avenues and I started capturing home births. I met some amazing women in Port Elizabeth that gave me a chance to do that first birth and from there, I have captured a few more.

An Amazing Experience

Having experienced three c-sections myself, I didn't have any idea about natural birth. I met an amazing Doula in Port Elizabeth, Colleen Pedersen, that prepared me for my first birth with chats and videos of all possible outcomes and explaining all the different stages of labour. Something I never got to experience, although I have three beautiful children of my own. I felt ready for that first callout, but let me tell you, nothing could mentally prepare me for witnessing an absolute miracle unfold in front of my eyes, as I welcomed "my" first baby girl as a birth photographer. I cried just as hard and definitely had all the feels. Was on a high for a few days after.

I think it is vital to hire a professional birth photographer, where the partner was going to be the one responsible for handling photography. Why not spend this precious time, 100% in the moment together and both welcome your baby, without having to worry about who's handling the camera and where to stand. That's what I am there for. Making sure a partner / husband can freely and actively be involved in the birthing process and capturing BOTH of you in the frame, welcoming your special person / persons into your life.

The rush of getting the call, seeing dads being amazing and supportive, moms being absolute rock stars - I have most certainly found my calling and I am so excited about my journey and future as a SABPA registered birth photographer.

Please chat to me today, to plan and book your special birthing story.

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