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This is me.  Anneli.

I am a SABPA registered birth photographer from the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Based in Hankey, I am on call in Port Elizabeth, Jeffrey's Bay and surrounding areas, to capture your beautiful and unscripted birth stories. 

My Personal Birth Photography Story started out on request of a potential client.  After exploring the possibilities of birth photography, I registered and completed the course presented by the South African Birth Photographers' Association to become a registered birth photographer in 2020.


"It has been the most amazing experience so far, to be able to capture the emotions and realness of a birth. It really is a miracle unfolding in front of your eyes."

Hiring a professional birth photographer will give your birth partner the chance to be 100% present and involved in the birthing experience, by not having to be the responsible one holding a camera. It gives couples the chance to really and fully be in the moment together. ⠀


I currently specialize in home births, until hospitals open again for us.


As from 2022, I am also a qualified WOMBS Doula, having passed my examination and completed my practical birth assistance requirements.  Offering not only photography, but now also emotional and mental support to moms during labour and birth.  ⠀


Please chat with me about your birth plan and how I can become part of your journey to tell your beautiful story.

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